Guillotine Automatic Glazing Systems

Guillotine Automatic Glazing Systems

Albert Genau Guillotine Glass System – Vertiflex


Automatic guillotine glass system; It is a remote controlled, motorized, chain, movable handrail system. System; as a movable handrail system; It is heavily preferred for closing and opening of hotels, cafes, restaurants, stadiums, etc.


In automatic guillotine glass systems, many patented innovations such as the safety system that prevents hand-finger jamming are only available in Vertiflex. The system can be made with 8 mm - 10 mm or insulating glass and offers unique solutions to achieve the highest insulation possible in guillotine glasses.


4 x 4 System

The system has 4 stabilizer wheels. It can be applied with a maximum of 4 panels up to 4 meters high and 4 meters wide.


SafeGuard Panel

Thanks to the SafeGuard panel connection system, the connection of the chain to the panels is solidly made. The chain is completely prevented from breaking and detaching from the connection points.


Finger Pinch Cover

The patented movable cover profile prevents possible hand-finger jamming during the opening of the system.


Highest Insulation!

Maximum insulation is provided by using EPDM gasket and bristle brush in all profiles of the system, panel-profile joints. Thanks to the double bearing in the side pillar profiles for extra insulation, either a bristle brush or a CF foamed insulation gasket can be used.


Quiet Comfortable Movement

Albert Genau’s patented G-Motion motion system; guarantees silent and comfortable movement. The wheels placed on the edges of the panels move in the wheel channels on the rails, allowing the system to move in a balanced manner.


Fine Adjustment Mechanism

Fine adjustment mechanism prevents unbalanced movement of panels. Chain adjustment can be made at any time thanks to the side post covers.


Easy Installation & Fast Service

The whole system can be assembled very easily, thanks to its split side strut profile and independent engine box. When it is necessary to provide service, without dismantling the system completely, only necessary places can be intervened as desired.


Chain Transport System Designed for Heavy Loads

8.51mm.-14.75mm. Wide and heavy panels can be produced without any problem with the double steel chain, with a link thickness, each with a carrying capacity of 400 kg.


Vertifilex Twin Tested, Approved!

Vertiflex Twin Insulating Glass Guillotine Glass System was subjected to waterproof, air tightness, impact resistance, wind load tests at the European Approved PFB Technical Institute and achieved high-class results according to European Union norms.


4x2 Reinforced Panels

Glass-bearing panels are combined with a total of 8 screws, two at each corner. According to systems using only chemical adhesives, the separation of the panels from each other is completely prevented by this mechanical connection.


Fully Automatic System

Fully automatic system that can control all functions of the system with a single remote thanks to Radio Frequency Technology.


Maximum Panoramic View

The thickness of the vertical and horizontal profiles is minimized, the transparency level of the system is increased and the maximum panoramic view is provided.


Hidden Connection Details - Aesthetic Appearance

The channels where there is no movement in the side post profiles are covered with specially designed aesthetic cover profiles. In addition, all connection details of the panels are made invisible by making hidden connections.


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