Monoblock Shutter Systems

Monoblock Shutter Systems

Monoblock Shutter Systems

Monoblock shutter systems are a shutter system that does not spoil the architectural aesthetics on the exterior, and is designed to be mounted on the interior with the joinery, by deducting the box share.

Since the shutter box is located in the interior in the monoblock shutter system, the architectural aesthetics of the exterior structure are not damaged in any way. It provides perfect integrity with its color options integrated with the joinery. Thermal sound insulation is at the highest level with styrofoam application on the inside of the house.


Provides superior insulation in climatic events such as rain, sunlight and snow.

It provides effective protection against solar radiation.

It blocks outdoor sound up to 10 decibels.

Thanks to its in-box insulation, it prevents heat loss to a great extent.

It is extra practical since its maintenance and cleaning can be done easily from the intervention cover left inside.

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