Quality and Environment

Quality Policy

We always invest in our employees, training and working methods to ensure that all the products we produce have the highest quality, meet and exceed the high standards we set.

We focus on producing the highest quality products with precise manufacturing processes and skilled and dedicated employees.


Our Quality Notion

As an employee of the Sks Monostar family, I have embraced business ethics and culture, open to learning, become a part of the whole, and have come one step closer to the understanding of being a superior team by sharing all my knowledge and experience. As a result, I work in accordance with national and international standards, values ​​and legal requirements by meeting the expectations of my customers.


Environmental Policy

As Sks Monostar, we are happy and proud to announce that the products which we use, are environmentally friendly, recyclable and that we produce in accordance with the policies of Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Environment and Forests.



  • To prevent pollution before it occurs,
  • We follow national and local regulations,
  • We make our employees and business partners well educated about environmental awareness.
  • We consider environmental effects as our priority selection criteria in our new investments.

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