Sliding Glazing Systems

Sliding Glazing Systems

Albert Genau Slidemaster Sliding


Double glazing sliding glazing SlideMaster raises the standards of sliding glazing systems. Sliding glass balcony systems were renewed by examining insulation, comfort and aesthetics. It transforms your balconies, winter gardens and restaurants into unique living spaces.


SlideMaster can be used with both double glass and single glass. It removes the insulation disadvantage in sliding systems and makes corners open. It is distinguished from other products with its comfortable movement thanks to Albert Genau patented carrier wheels that allow 1.5 meter panels and its own special lock system.

How does it work?

lideMaster has 4 rails as standard, and each panel moves on one rail. When you move the innermost panel according to the closing direction, each panel moves by interlocking and pulling each other. When you bring the panel you took to the end point, it locks automatically and becomes closed. By making the above movements in the other direction, the system can be opened partially or completely.


Unstoppable Movement

The SlideMaster uses Albert Genau patented Speed-HD wheels with a stainless bearing, height adjustment and suspension that keep pace with the road it follows, with a capacity of 150 kg panel. All wings move, open and close comfortably, with minimal friction and sound.


Three Dimensional Full Isolation

In order to maximize the insulation in the system, insulation brushes are used at the vertical joints of the glass panels, at the wall ends, in all the working spaces between the rail and panel, and the system has the maximum insulation level that can be achieved.


All kinds of Corners Fully Open

Thanks to the wing stud profiles designed for L and U-shaped spaces, the system can be used without any problems and the balconies can be opened without using any fixed corner joint profiles.

4 Layers of Insulation

Depending on the properties of the insulating glass used in the insulating glass version of lideMaster, up to 4.3 times more insulation can be provided compared to single glazing. Cooler summers and warmer winters.




Security Lock Options

Whether with mortise lock, with keyed hook lock, or with mushroom head espagnolette. Choosing the security and option you want is a SlideMaster feature.


3 Different Glass Types

In the system, 3 different types of glass, 4 + 12 + 4 Insulating Glass, 8 mm and 10 mm, can be used. Glass selection is made according to the desired insulation level in the system or the place where the system will be applied.


Wide Wings That Open and Close Easily

The system allows a wing structure up to 1.5 meters wide without obstructing the panoramic view. These wide wings can be opened and closed easily thanks to the developed wheel assembly.


Infinite Rail System

Thanks to its special design, lideMaster allows to make as many rails from 1 + 1 rails. The number of panels you want can be reached and the minimum and maximum openings can be closed and opened with the desired flexibility.


Stainless Parts

As in all products of Albert Genau, all bearing and component sets in Slidemaster are under the guarantee of anti-corrosion.


Special Water Drain and Drip System

The rail bed profile integrated into the system acts as a water gutter at the bottom and inside, while it acts as a drip tip on the outside. Thanks to the dropper, the least water comes to the system, and the water that is likely to enter is thrown out through the drain holes opened by collecting in the water discharge profile.


100% Cleaning Both Inside and Outside

Thanks to the special wing design of SlideMaster, all wings can be separated from each other and positioned separately when desired. In this way, all windows, both inside and outside, can be wiped.


Threshold - Unlimited Usage

SlideMaster can be used with or without threshold. It provides flexible solutions from restaurant, cafe, winter garden to balcony.


Soft-Touch Anti-Dirt Surface

SlideMaster was designed as both a decorative and useful system. In the system, special ESPC paint, which is self-gilded, which does not hold dust and stains, can be used optionally.

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