Tiktak Orient Shutters

Tiktak Orient Shutters

Tiktak Orient

Tiktak Orient blinds  is a blind with adjustable louvres. It provides maximum sunlight control thanks to its lamellae that can be opened at the desired distance. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to ventilate your home, office in any position you want.

Tiktak Orient Blinds ensures maximum energy savings in your living spaces.

It allows application in wide openings without system interruption. (3500mm max)

The system’s lamellae are produced from double-walled extrusion lamellae. In this way, it allows you to meet your security needs.

Suitable for either hidden box or Outboard box. In this way, it is a system that can be easily applied to existing buildings.

Since the system consists entirely of extrusion profiles, it can be painted to the desired ral color and wood transfer coating can be made.

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