Transparent Shutter Systems

Transparent Shutter Systems

Transparent Shutter Systems

Transpaforza Transparent Shutters are the new generation shutter systems that can replace the usual sheet metal and aluminum shutters.

In addition to the security feature of sheet metal and aluminum shutters, Transpaforza Transparent Shutters provide the opportunity to display in showcases with their transparency feature.

It has the advantages of being preferred over other shutter systems with its non-flammability feature.

It prevents the items in the showcase from fading with its UV additive raw material.


Provides day and night display with 92% transparency.

Does not rust, does not break.

It includes a fire retardant (M2 class) system.

It works quietly.

It can be used with existing shutter systems.

Since its raw material is UV additive, it prevents the items in the area where it is used from fading from daylight.

Square meter weight is 9.5 kg.

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