Zipline Bioclimatic Pergola

Zipline Bioclimatic Pergola

Zipline Bioclimatic

Zipline Bioclimatic is the highest point of imagination in producing shade systems. The Pergola System, which provides air conditioning by making use of the natural circulation of air, provides air passage through the “Open - Close“ “rotatable on its own axis“ aluminum panels on it if required. Supported by many optional options, the Bioclimatic Pergola System is designed for you to use freely in 4 seasons.

In this system where clean air can circulate freely, it is important for the circulation of clean air and the removal of bacteria and viruses in the environment.

Zipline bioclimatic model, which allows you to turn sunlight, rain, wind and other adverse weather conditions into your advantage, allows you to freely do what you want with the combination of elegance and design for outdoor parties, weddings and all kinds of outdoor activities.

With its noiseless operating system and minimum energy consumption, it allows you to enjoy the view even on cold days, keeping all the beauties of the sky in mind.


Products will be sent in one piece, installed and ready for assembly.

All necessary information will be provided for its assembly.

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