Zipline Fabric Pergola

Zipline Fabric Pergola

Zipline Pergola

Zipline Pergola is a functional, ergonomic and advanced technological awning system that can be opened and closed fully automatically and provides the opportunity to use living spaces in summer and winter. Specially designed to provide stylish solutions for every space and every project.

Zipline Pergola has a stylish and robust design that you can use very comfortably in both personal and commercial areas.

It will serve you for many years as an economical and elegant product with the possibility of “wall“ and “ceiling“ mounting and its low cost per m2.

Zipline Pergolas can be produced and used as a single module, or they can be used as “multiple“ by bringing together more than one pergola in the desired direction.

Pergola are systems that provide protection from external factors such as sun or rain, can be used in various living areas and cover the sitting area with its opening-closing feature. Various materials can be used during the construction and manufacturing of Pergola systems.

These systems can be preferred in patios, breakfast halls, cafeterias, restaurants and restaurants, outdoor summer or winter gardens, pools and many other places, and the top of the mentioned area can be opened and closed.

A building license is not required.


Products will be sent in one piece, installed and ready for assembly.

All necessary information will be provided for its assembly.

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